About Golden & Silver, s.r.o

GOLDEN SILVER has been present at the world jewellery market since the year 2000 based on a family tradition from the year 1958. Today it offers more than 2000 models of high quality jewellery such as garnet with rhodium coated silver, natural stones, diamonds and gold - all certified with Golden & Silver s.r.o. warranty.

Our showroom is conveniently located at Pařížská 5, Praha 1, on the 2nd floor where you can choose from wide variety of high quality products with both traditional and modern design.

Silver Jewelry

All of our silver Jewelry is .925 Sterling Silver with original designs created by GOLDEN & SILVER. Each jewelry piece comes with an information card and guarantee certificate.

Garnet Jewelry

Garnets deep red color has made it a favorite stone used in Czech folk jewelry for centuries. Garnet is said to be the stone of the heart and it is given as a token of love. It also calms anger and teaches patience and perseverance.